An asymptotic formula for the number of eigenvalues of a differential operator

  • E. Adiguzelov Yildiz Technical University.
  • H. Avci Yildiz Technical University.
  • E. Gul Yildiz Technical University.


In this work, it is proved that the spectrum of an differential operator with unbounded operator coefficients in elliptic type with partial derivatives is pure discrete and an asymptotic formula is found for the number of eigenvalues of this operator.

Biografía del autor

E. Adiguzelov, Yildiz Technical University.
Department of Mathematics.
H. Avci, Yildiz Technical University.
Department of Mathematics.
E. Gul, Yildiz Technical University.
Department of Mathematics.


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Adiguzelov, E., Avci, H., & Gul, E. (2017). An asymptotic formula for the number of eigenvalues of a differential operator. Proyecciones. Revista De Matemática, 20(1), 65-82.